About Us

Company profile

Humanconnection is one of Perth’s few business advisers that offer practical 360 degree business solutions to busy executives looking to find quality and timely solutions to their challenges.  Clients include large multi-nationals, small to medium enterprise and government. 


Our business approach is one of partnership with clients to solve business problems through three consulting streams:

  • Transformation, Capability and Value
  • Talent Acquisition
  • People and Performance.

Transformation, Capability and Value
– We assist busy executives advance their organisation’s capability and shift their thinking. Our creative and sustainable business solutions strategically position businesses, improve business and performance, reduce risk and manage change.  

Talent Acquisition - In a competitive labour market Humanconnection provides a fresh approach to talent acquisition.  Our international networks, extensive recruitment industry experience and effective sourcing solutions mean we engage the best talent locally and internationally. 

People and performance - Humanconnection works with enterprises at organisational, team and individual levels to get the best out of people using a variety of leadership and people management strategies.

Working as a synergistic team of specialists we deliver focused end-to-end results for risk adverse executives who have difficulty finding the right skills, knowledge, expertise and business solutions.

Our skilled management consultants and professional talent recruiters, people and local experts have the knowledge, connections and understanding of local conditions to help you make a difference. Combine with significant senior executive management experience in oil and gas, banking and finance, government, mining and mineral exploration at international and local levels, we will provide you with the right advice and expertise to assure you of synergy, strategy and success. 

Our reputation is built on:

  • sound business ethics
  • independence of advice
  • integrity in dealings with clients. 

We have a strong commitment to exceeding client expectations through:

  • quality outcomes
  • solid customer relationships
  • confidentiality in business dealings. 

Our corporate values and skills include:

  • future thinking
  • creativity
  • innovation
  • integrity
  • respect for clients and each other.