Strategic Transformation


  • "I am continually impressed by your professionalism. You have a balance between the professional nature of your work and the human qualities required to be successful in it." Senior Project Manager - Multi national Technology Company

  • "The consultative approach provided by Humanconnection has helped Fortior Global understand the importance of workplace dynamics and has been invaluable in helping sustain its business growth and success." Bazil Roberts - Director, Fortior Global

  • "Dealing with Sue was a breath of fresh air compared with other agents." Neil Canby - Business Development Manager

  • "The team at Humanconnection took the time to understand the complex business that is Fortior Global, including its people and culture - providing practical advice, and challenging the management team." Bazil Roberts - Director, Fortior Global

  • "Sue Williams took the time to ask the pertinent questions and to understand more about my background. The result was a great match within a large international company." Derek Van Buren - Chief Information Officer - SGS

  • "Humanconnection we are able to continually improve teamwork and job satisfaction, and develop additional skills to enhance vital relationships between staff, customers and suppliers." Jim Loader - Director Stott + Hoare

  • "Humanconnection got it right for Fortior Global and we look forward to continuing this partnership as we continue with the business growth plans and strive to be an employer of choice." Bazil Roberts - Director, Fortior Global

  • "Andrew really gets HR - the whole dynamic of the manager/employee relationship - how best to build that relationship to get the most out of staff. I have found this to be a rare ability." Mark Jackson - Managing Director, Multipro

  • Thank you once again for taking (and investing) the time to meet with me today. I left your office inspired to say the least! It has been sometime since I have meet someone who is so professional and passio ... Christopher Erikson

  • Our meeting was very thorough, you have easily exceeded the professionalism of the other people I have spoken to so far. William Allison

  • I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks for all the help Jennifer & Sue have done for me this year, I am truly grateful for it! Ravitha Sukumaran


Humanconnection’s local team of international experts partner with clients to advance their capability and add value. Our creative and sustainable business solutions are designed to:

  • preserve organisational value through good governance and risk reduction strategies,
  • create value and innovation through effective business strategy and transformation, improved performance and sustainable business practices and processes, and organisation-business strategy focus and fit. 

With a depth of local knowledge and connections, sound business ethics and integrity, as well as independence in thought and operations our team of professional people bring a wealth of senior executive management experience to assist clients transform their business, enhance organisational capability and preserve and add value to everything they do.  Contact us today to:

  • Strategically rethink your business model,
  • Identify opportunities for business growth,
  • Improve business performance,
  • Improve efficiencies of internal practices and processes and contain or reduce costs,
  • Manage successful and sustainable change,
  • Manage and reduce risks,
  • Increase effectiveness and productivity,
  • Implement and sustain behaviour change,
  • Realise and quantify benefits and performance,
  • Improve your business reputation through good governance.